Japanese interpreting and more !

Based in Paris and London and operating everywhere in Europe and Japan. If you are looking for a quality native Japanese interpreter, translator, mediator and facilitator working between Japanese and the English, French and German languages then you have come to the right place. Yoko works with multi-national clients including those in the automotive, environmental, food and beverages, health and pharmaceutical, energy fields. Besides, Yoko is an accredited GMP auditor for Pharma and an accredited mediator.

Japanische Übersetzung und mehr !

Wir sind japanische Dolmetscher / -innen und Übersetzer / -innen für DeutschEnglisch und Französisch. Wir bieten Ihnen ziel- und kundenorientierte sprachliche Dienstleistungen in Verbindung mit interkulturellen und wirtschaftlichen Beratungen in Europa und Japan an. Wir sind keine reinen Dolmetscher / -innen und Übersetzer / -innen, die die sprachliche Aufträge von Kunden nur ausführen. Für die deutschsprachigen Kunden, siehe “DEUTSCH”.

ビジネスファシリテーター !


In the fields of manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, energy and investor relations (IR)

technical interpreting 

GMP audit support

cross-cultural mediator

cross-cultural facilitator

Japanese interpreting services and cross-cultural business facilitation supports

Technical meetings between Japanese and German engineers


I am officially an interpreter for these meetings but I do play a role of facilitator because I am a neutral, goal oriented independent person in this group. Most people are distracted during the meeting because they have strong opinions regarding the topics. I use a flipchart to visualise the conversation to enhance their active listening and to avoid misunderstandings. If there are conflicts of interests, I am trying to clarify their true intentions by asking questions and getting them to speak up what they really want to say.