Hi. I am Yoko

a native Japanese speaker and a Japanese, English, French and German interpreter and translator.

I am passionate about facilitation. I believe in the importance of a facilitator in meetings and workshops. A good facilitator can boost outcomes resulting in productive discussions, self-reflection and cooperation. Facilitators are useful in a wide range of contexts, such as discussions, decision making, teaching languages and brainstorming on a specific subject. This is precisely what I have been doing as a freelance interpreter, cross-cultural facilitator and Japanese language conversation facilitator since 1998. I also have an accreditation as a GMP lead auditor for the Pharmaceutical industry and as a commercial mediator.


I have my own style and I always prioritize the interests of my clients. I am impartial, I listen, I encourage and try to engender a bond with my clients.


I intend to create a new business model which I will call a cross cultural business facilitator. This lets clients from diverse backgrounds feel safe to work with others and achieve the best possible outcomes. My style of facilitation starts with clarifying the objectives and expectations. There is no one-size-fits all for meetings and workshops each one is unique and must be approached as such. Contracting is important to make sure what people want and do not want. I do also strongly believe that it is important to define my role as a facilitator to everybody from the outset.


Our Japanese interpreting, translation and correspondence services focus on supporting spoken and written communications, to deepen intercultural understandings with your Japanese business partners to save you time. Your Japanese business partners might speak English, but you should not take it for granted that they catch every nuance of meaning. We liaise between you and your Japanese business partners.

It’s so important to have an interpreter who is not only an expert in the language but is aware of the cultural sensibilities. We’ll be with you helping you to get your message across just as you intended.

Japanese Interpreting Services are here to support you with language, culture and in any other way we can to help make your business with your overseas clients become a success.

Our Intercultural Consultancy Services are recommended to smooth out your discussions with your Japanese clients or business partners. We are here to help you reach the best solution for your business.

We’ll be there for you. We look forward to our cooperation!


Yoko has done many different fields but the followings are her speciality !
Please understand that we cannot give you our clients’ references since our profession is strictly confidential.

foods and beverages



investor relations

Confidentiality is important

I know that there are lots of prominent professional interpreters in the world, many of them with a great deal more experience than I have. Some of them have published books and video clips on Youtube while others are not found in any records because interpreters sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreements) with our clients. The interpreters who keep to such agreements are unknown to us. There could be some pictures where you might, for example, see the back of an interpreter or even a picture where the interpreter is cut in half by the photo. I used to find such pictures quite disquieting. But… this is our job.