Please let me ask you a question without filling in a form

Please let me ask you a question without filling in a form

I have been doing research on a product online for a client with a big budget who is keen to find suppliers in Japan. You would think that companies would construct websites so that users get the best possible experience from the site. Clients are there ready and willing to spend money. And yet, time and time again you come across barriers that prevent you contacting the company or obtaining the information you need.

One of the things I most hate is the “contact us” form. In this current project, when I was filling in a contact us form I was obliged to write an address in Japan and a Japanese phone number. A foreign number and address came up with an error. Excuse me! I don’t live in Japan. In the end I had to go elsewhere and this company lost the chance of a major contract because of a lack of common sense on their website. Wouldn’t it be better just to have an email address with a promise of a reply within 24 hours? Sometimes less equals more.

In my research past and present I’m always stumbling across expensive websites from large companies which have been badly put together without any common sense concerning the user experience.

So, my plea is that when you build a website don’t just throw money at it and expect excellent results try placing yourself in the point of the user and the outcome will be far more satisfactory for all.

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